About JustClickWiFi

JustClickWiFi is an awesome product powered by Philscan Creative Marketing and IT Solutions, located in Makati, Philippines.
Together with our partners, we have developed the most amazing cloud-based marketing tool!
Our JustClickWiFi platform helps our clients increase their business by collecting marketing data on guests that use free WiFi.

Our mission is to help our clients Protect, Promote, and Engage with their customers.
Our unique geo-targeted technology uses WiFi allowing businesses to engage
with their customers using already accepted media and mobile devices.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that guest WiFi networks should be easy for people to connect to. People that want to connect to guest networks should not have to jump through hoops or be bombarded with constant advertising.

  • We believe that it’s ok to use a guest WiFi network to market to people that connect to it SO LONG AS the marketing is relevant and not annoying.

  • We believe that guest WiFi builds COMMUNITY. A community of WiFi users, a community of businesses and a community that promotes commerce.

  • At JustClickWiFi, we believe that guest WiFi networks should be as secure as possible. Nothing is ever 100% secure, but there are steps that can be taken to make a guest network more secure for both the user AND for the host location. Password-protecting a WiFi network is not enough!

  • We believe that guest WiFi networks should be ubiquitous. No matter what venue, city, town, state or country a user is in, the process should be the same. Typically today, people need to connect to different networks in each of the locations they visit and ask for or remember cryptic passwords.