Guest Connections

1. Date/Time – This is the date and time the guest connected to the Hotspot.

2. Time Online – This is the time (so far) that the guest has been connected to the Hotspot.

3. Guest Username – This is the e-mail address entry made my the guest, the name of the guest (as retrieved from their social media profile), or their device MAC address (Ie: AA-BB-11-22-33-44-55) if they have ‘opted out’ of supplying personal information. If there is a green dot  after the username, then the guest is still currently connected at your Hotspot.

4. Location – This the Hotspot location the guest has connected at.

5. Download – This is the amount of data the guest has downloaded.

6. Upload – This is the amount of data that the guest has uploaded.

7. Device – This is the type of device the guest has connected with.

8. Reason for Termination
“Lost Carrier” means the guest device left the WiFi signal range and was logged-off
“Session Timeout” means the guest has reached the time limit  that is setup for your Hotspot. You can modify this setting under Hotspot>Hotspot List>Edit – the adjust the “Force Timeout” and “Idle Timeout” settings according to your specific needs.

“NAS Reboot” means the JustClickWiFi controller (gateway) was reset or lost Internet connectivity.