How can my device get re-prompted for social and e-mail login again?

To make the guest experience easy, the JustClickWiFi Dashboard stores the MAC addresses of all the devices that connect to it and associates the MAC address with the e-mail address or social information that was entered the FIRST time they ever connected at ANY of YOUR hotspots. This way, if they connect at another one of your hotspots or re-visit the same hotspot, they do not need to re-enter their e-mail address or social information. The ‘Flag’ guest function in the JustClickWiFi Dashboard will clear this association therefore re-prompting the guest to re-register, This function makes it easy for you to test the entire guest experience at one of your hotspots again.

Simply find the connection in the Dashboard and click the e-mail address, social name or MAC address. You can easily find names under Reports>Guest Connections

The simply click the “Flag Guest” button and confirm.

The next time that device connects at your Hotspot, it will re-prompt them to enter a login method.