Intelligent E-Mail Log

The Intelligent E-mail log shows you a detailed display of the Intelligent E-mails that have been automatically sent to your guests based on your Intelligent E-Mail rules.

  1. No. – Is the rule number automatically assigned by the JustClickWiFi Dashboard.
  2. Rule Name – Is the name of the Intelligent e-mail rule that was being used to process the e-mail to your guest.
  3. Client Name – Is your company name.
  4. E-Mail – Is the guest e-mail address that the Intelligent e-mail was sent to.
  5. Status – Tells you if the Intelligent e-mail was read by the recipient.
  6. Time – Displays the exact time that the Intelligent e-mail was sent to your guest.
You can easily use the search bar to find an e-mail that was sent to a specific e-mail address.