Intelligent E-Mail Rule Idea: Prevent negative reviews

Many clients want to limit bad reviews of their venue. With Intelligent E-mail, there’s an easy way to do this!

Create an e-mail and include the following in the content. The ‘stars’ in this example are 5 separate images. Each image can be hyper-linked to a different location. So perhaps start 1,2,3 would link to an online form that is sent to management or directly to a manager e-mail box. Start 4 and 5 could go straight to your Yelp, Trip Adviser, or another popular ratings page. This will help cut down on negative reviews! Give it a try on your Intelligent E-mails today!

———————–copy and paste the items below———————–

Thanks for visiting us! We’d like to hear how your visit with us was. Please click one of the stars below so we can hear the “goods and the bads”. Thank you!

———————–copy and paste the items above———————–

Once you’ve pasted this into your Intelligent e-mail, just change the hyperlink for each of the stars to wherever you’d like them to point.