Intelligent E-Mail Rules

The Intelligent E-Mail Rules are a powerful and completely automated way to communicate to your Guests. Intelligent e-mail’s are sent based on when the guest connected, so these are different from your normal e-blasts that you sent from an e-mail provider. Intelligent e-mails are used to communicate to your guests based on a set of criteria, all tied to WHEN they have connected or how many times they’ve connected to your Hotspot(s).

  1. This is the rule number in our database.
  2. This is the name of the rule that you created.
  3. This is your Client name.
  4. This is the instruction as to when the Intelligent e-mail will be processed (time-based, connection-based, or birthday)
  5. This is the hotspot or hotspots that the rule applies to.
  6. The ‘test’ button allows you to test the e-mail rule so you can see what it looks like.
  7. By default, a Intelligent E-mail rule will only be sent to a guest ONCE ONLY. This prevents a repeat guest from receiving the same e-mail more than once. If you click the ‘Reset’, then all guests that have received this e-mail rule in the past will start receiving it again at the next schedule instruction based on their next connection.
  8. Click ‘Edit’ to edit the rule or the e-mail content.
  9. Click the ‘Delete’ icon to delete the rule permanently.

CLICK HERE to see some Intelligent E-Mail Samples so you can see the flexibility you have to communicate with your guests!