Intelligent Tweets

The Intelligent Tweet Rules are a powerful and completely automated way to communicate to your Guests if they login using their Twitter account. Intelligent tweets are posted to your guests twitter notifications and are posted based on the first time the guest connected at your location(s).

BEFORE you are able to setup this feature, you will need to Generate a Twitter Access Token first. To enable, you can visit your Client Settings (If you do not see this menu option, please contact your administrator or our support department to enable it for you):

Intelligent Tweets are used to communicate to your guests based on a set of criteria, all tied to WHEN they have connected or how many times they’ve connected to your Hotspot(s). You can create a series of rules based on your specific messaging! You can create up to 20 Intelligent Tweet rules per Hotspot location.

  1. This is the rule number in our database.
  2. This is the name of the rule that you created.
  3. This is your company name.
  4. This is the instruction as to when the Intelligent Tweet campaign will be processed (time-based, connection-based, or birthday)
  5. This is the hotspot or hotspots that the rule applies to.
  6. The ‘test’ button allows you to test the Tweet rule so you can see what it looks like.
  7. By default, a Intelligent Tweet rule will only be sent to a guest ONCE ONLY. This prevents a repeat guest from receiving the same Tweet more than once. If you click the ‘Reset’, then all guests that have received this Tweet rule in the past will start receiving it again at the next schedule instruction based on their next connection.
  8. Click ‘Edit’ to edit the rule or the Tweet content.
  9. Click the ‘Delete’ icon to delete the rule permanently.

To create a new Intelligent Tweet campaign rule, simply:

  1. click the ‘Add Twitter Campaign Button’

2. You will be taken to the Rule creation area. Enter a rule name (anything you’d like)

3. When you’re done creating your rule and want to test it out, click the ‘Submit’ button.