Splash Page List

This is where you can customize your Hotspot(s) Splash (captive portal) pages. You can edit images, layouts, terms and conditions and more here.

  1. ID – This is ID number assigned by the JustClickWiFi Dashboard.
  2. Name – This is the Splash page name assigned by us. To change it, please contact us.
  3. Venue Image – This venue image is the default image that will be displayed on your Hotspot splash page.
    Note: If you upload a new image in the Hotspot Editor, it will over-ride this image.
  4. Text – This text will be displayed to your guest. Use it to welcome them to your venue (up to 1024 characters)
  5. Terms and Conditions – This is a few lines of the terms and conditions that are displayed when a guest clicks the hyperlink on your splash page. You can edit these terms and conditions and add additional languages by clicking the edit icon.
  6. Background Color – this is the background color that is currently set on your splash page.
  7. Font Color – This is the color of the font that is currently set on your splash page.
  8. Edit – To make changes and to fully customize your Splash page, click the ‘Edit’ icon.